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Hey, I'm Vivek Patel
Software Engineer.
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I'm a developer based in Phoenix, AZ, with 2 years of experience working with various software applications, and teams from US and India. I specialize in building exceptional softwares, applications, backend services and everything in between.

For over 3 years, I have cultivated a deep understanding and expertise in Front-end Engineering, always prioritizing the user's needs. In every project I undertake, my aim is to craft tailored, intuitive, and thoroughly tested experiences that align the goals of companies with the expectations of users.
Jun '24 - Present
Full Time - Present
Engineer II at University of Phoenix
May '23 - Apr '24
Internship - 1 year
Software Engineer at University of Phoenix
I develop robust, responsive components with a focus on accessibility, enhancing user experiences alongside Adobe AEM, Adobe ADA, and Adobe Target.
Worked on building new microservice with Spring Boot, Java, Elasticsearch, Docker, Terraform and AWS.
Jan '22 - Jun '22
Internship - 6 months
Software Engineer at HackerRank
I contributed to the optimization of a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), elevating efficiency. I worked on theia, React.js, Typescript, Docker, and Kubernetes.
Apr '21 - Jun '21
Internship - 3 months
Software Engineer at 100ms
I worked with fontend Dashboard team, building a customised video-conferencing app-builder using Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, Vercel and AWS.
Jun '20 - Mar '21
Part-time - 9 months
Co-founder at Webmate Web Services
Led the establishment of an affordable software services platform for small businesses during the pandemic, driving client meeting management and exceptional customer satisfaction.
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